White to Play

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Welcome to week 24 of our Summer Chess School. This is our last endgame position, which is also, like the last one, a rook vs. two connected passed pawns. However, White can win this one!The creator was the recently late Mark Dvoretsky, whose 5th edition--"Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual"-- is, without question, the one book you should buy if you wish to become a master or more. Russell Enterprises has released the 2020 edition with revisions by Karsten Muller, a super endgame wizard in his own right.

1.Rg6 Kd7 2.Rg4 g2 3.Rxg2 Ke6 4.Rg5! The winning move. The king can never cross the rook's invisible "wall" and the White king will come around and pick up the pawn which can't advance because once the pawn plays to f3 the rook drops down to c3, and, after f2, Rf3 wins the pawn. 4...Kf6 5.Rc5 1–0


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