White to Play

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Welcome to week 22 of our Chess Summer School. We are finishing up our endgame unit this week as we move on to the middle game. This endgame, depending on a host of minor piece placements can be a win, draw or loss for White. Which is it?

A study by Gorgiev in 1972. 1.g6 Ke6 2.Kg5 Rc8 2...Rxf6?? 3.g7 Rf2 4.g8Q+ wins for White, all because the queening move is a check. 3.f7 3.g7?? Kf7 wins for Black.; 3.Kh6 Kxf6 4.g7 Rg8 also wins easily for Black. 3...Ke7 4.Kh6 Rh8+ 5.Kg7 Rf8 6.Kh7 Rc8 7.Kg7= and Black can't do anything to win. It’s a draw.½–½


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