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Welcome to Summer Chess Lesson Number 21. This is a deceptively simple looking position as the first move seems obvious.

A study by Troicky in 1916: 1.c7 Rf6+ 2.Kd5 A win can turn into a draw rather quickly with one of these two mistakes: 2.Kd7 Rf2 3.c8Q Rd2+ 4.Kc7 Rc2+=; 2.Kc5 Rf2 3.Kb6 Rb2+ 4.Ka6 Ra2+ 5.Kb5 Rb2+ 6.Kc4 Rc2+= 2...Rf5+ 3.Kd4 Rf4+ 4.Kd3 Rf3+ 5.Kc2 Rf2+ 6.Kb3 Rf3+ 7.Kb4 Rf4+ 8.Kb5 Rf5+ 9.Kb6 Rf6+ 10.Kb7 1-0 That's SEVEN weeks of endgame lessons!! Just one more to go before the middle game attacking lessons. Endgame knowledge is so important and very underrated by amateurs--and that's one reason they stay amateurs!


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