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This is a great instructional position by Horwitz and Kling from the 19th century. Well-schooled chess players know that Black can head for a8 and let White take both pawns because it would be a draw as the bishop is of the opposite color of the queening square from the rook pawn (it only works with rook pawns). So, how do you win this as White by turning you’re a-pawn into a b-pawn?

1.Bd2 Kb7 2.Kd6 Kb6 3.Be1 Kb7 4.Bh4 Kb6 5.Bd8+ Kb7 6.Bc7 Ka8 7.Kc6 Ka7 8.Bd8 Ka8 9.Kb6 Kb8 10.Bc7+ Ka8 11.Bd6 b3 12.axb3 b4 13.Bxb4


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