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A composition by J. Krejcik. White has an obvious advantage, but what is the best first move to start the winning process?

Let’s say you decided on the pawn push: 1.h5 Ka6 2.h6 [2.Kd7 Ka5 3.Kxc6 a6 stalemate!] 2...Ka5 3.h7 a6 4.h8=Q and you have a stalemate! The easy and only winning method is 1.Kd7 Ka6 [ or the stubbornly longer 1...a5 2.h5 a4 3.h6 axb3 4.h7 b2 5.h8Q b1Q 6.Qc8+ Ka7 7.Qc7+ Ka8 8.Kxc6 Qg6+ 9.Kb5 Qe8+ 10.c6 Qb8+ 11.Qxb8+ Kxb8 12.Kxb4 Kc8 13.Kb5 Kb8 14.Kb6 Ka8 15.Kc7 (15.c7 Stalemate!) 15...Ka7 16.Kd6 Kb8 17.Kd7 Ka7 18.c7] 2.Kxc6 Ka5 3.Kd6 a6 4.c6 and will promote without stalemate.


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