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I pulled this out of an 1888 German chess magazine. If you read this column you most likely can mate with a King and two bishops vs. a king, but what happens when a pawn is thrown in?


1.Bd3 Ka2 [1...Ka4 2.Bc7 Kb4 3.Bd6+ Kb3 4.Be4 Ka2 5.Bd5+ Ka1 6.Be5 Kb1 7.Bf6 Ka1 8.Bc4 Kb1 9.Kc3 Kc1 10.Bg5+ Kb1 11.Kb3 Ka1 12.Bf6 Kb1 13.Be2 Kc1 14.Bg5+ Kb1 15.Bd1 Ka1 16.Bf6 Kb1 17.Bc2+ Ka1 (17...Kc1 18.Bg5#) 18.Bxb2#] 2.Bc4+ Ka1 3.Bc3 Kb1 4.Bd4 Ka1 5.Kd3 Kb1 6.Kc3 Ka1 7.Kb3 Kb1 8.Be2 Kc1 9.Be3+ Kb1 10.Bd1 Ka1 11.Bd4 Kb1 12.Bc2+ Kc1 13.Be3#


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