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A study by Mattison. White to draw, despite Black about to queen a pawn. Hint: it ends in stalemate! And everybody on the board is there for a reason…


1.a4+ Kb6 [ Nothing else works: 1...Kxa4 2.Rxc5 Kb3 3.Bf6 a4 4.Rxc6 a3 5.Kf2 a2 6.Ke3] 2.Bf2 c1=Q 3.Rxc5 [No place for the queen to hide from the coming discovered check, so...] 3...Qxc5 4.Kh1!! Qxf2 Stalemate! Any other Black move would end up in a draw as well, even if White gobbled up all the pawns as the a-pawn queening square for White is the opposite color of the White bishop.


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