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Bareev beat Karpov in 1996 with a nice move, even though he was in check.


White played the surprising 1.e4 Qa2 [It’s a winning king and pawn ending after 1...Qxe4+ 2.Qf3+ Qxf3+ 3.Kxf3 Ke6 4.a4 f5 5.g4 f4 6.Ke4 Kd6 7.a5] 2.Qc5 Kg6 3.Qd6+ Kh7 [Quicker defeat comes from 3...f6 4.Qd5 Qxa3 5.Qg8+ Kh5 6.Qf7#] 4.Qd5 and Black can’t meet the two threats of a queen exchange or queen capture on f7. Black Resigned

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