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This two-mover has special meaning for me. In my first chess book, Learn Chess from the Greats, not only did I get the position set-up wrong, but I gave the author as Alan C. White instead of the proper Alain C. White. Aargh! Rookie mistake of not editing properly. I felt awful, but took heart that the book I got it out of also had it wrong! I even got a letter from a little boy in California pointing it out. I sent him another, different book. Anyhow, here is the proper author and proper position. White mates in two.


1.Qa1 Ba3 [1...Bxd2 2.Qxb1#; 1...Qxb3 2.Qxc1#; 1...Qxc2 2.Qxc1#; 1...Bb2+ 2.c3#]2.c3#

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