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Here is the last of our trio of three-movers. I hope you enjoyed the little break from the practical problems and hope you came to appreciate the artistic side of chess.


British Chess Magazine in 1922 characterized this problem as “manifestly the work of a genius.” G. Heathcote’s solution, replete with model mates (each square—the mating one and the possible escape squares are attacked only once by each White piece), is very rare: 1.Na2 Kd4 [1...bxa2 2.Qc2 a1Q (2...b1Q 3.Bf2#) 3.Bf2#; 1...Ke2 2.Nb4 Kd2 (2...Ke3 3.Qd3#) 3.Qe1#; 1...Kd2 2.Kf3 bxa2 3.Be1#] 2.Bf2+ Kc4 3.Qf1#


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