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White is threatening a mate in one. How does Black best turn the tables on White?


If you tried 1...Rxe1+ 2.Qxe1 Qxg7 3.Qxe2 Qxf6 you would eventually win because of your material advantage. If you tried 1...Qxg7 2.fxg7 Rxe1+ 3.Qxe1 Rd1 4.g4 Rxe1+ 5.Kg2 Rg1+ 6.Kf3 e1Q 7.Kf4 Rf1+ 8.Kg5 Qe5+ 9.Kh4 Be7+ 10.g5 Qxg5# you’ve finished with a mate. Imaginative queen sac and a good understanding of the back rank threat on both sides. The best approach was 1...Qh5 2.Bh6 [2.Qxh5 Rxe1#; 2.Qg3 Rxe1+ 3.Qxe1 Rd1 4.g4 Rxe1+ 5.Kg2 Qxg4+ 6.Rg3 Rg1#; 2.Re3 Bxe3 3.Qg3 Bf4 4.Kg1 Bxg3 5.hxg3 Rxe1+ 6.Kf2 Rf1+ 7.Ke3 e1Q#] 2...Qxh4 3.Rg3+ Kh8 4.Bd2 R8xd2 5.Rg8+ Kxg8 6.h3 Rxe1+ 7.Kh2 Bd6+ 8.g3 Qxg3# with the quickest of the forced mates. The interesting question for you to ask yourself is did you consider all these possibilities or did you just go with the one you saw first? There’s and old chess saying that if you find a good move, look for a better one. You get to go home earlier!


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