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"Days of Our Lives" is proud as a peacock and is featuring its nest. The streaming service has ordered two more seasons. At the end of those years, "Days" will celebrate its 60th anniversary. When NBC shifted the show from the network and moved it to streaming last September, everyone in the industry thought the sands would stop moving through the hourglass. Everyone but the show's executive producer Ken Corday. He made several "Don't count us out" proclamations. He said what he said and he meant what he said.

Corday's first love is music. His parents Ted and Betty Corday created the show. When Ted died a few months later, Ken stepped in and worked with his mother until she died in 1987. Last year, the show won an Emmy for best writing. Just as TV took over radio soaps, streaming will do the same for cable TV. Yes, there is a charge. The fee is between $12-$17 a month. You can go ad-free for the higher rate. If you choose ads, it has a lot less than regular TV. The "Days" shows run over an hour. Also, you can watch "Days" episodes from past decades. To sign up, just go to Peacock.com. "Days" aside, the network offers hundreds of thousands of other shows to watch.

I am tuckered out. Fox pundit Tucker Carlson went on air claiming Jan. 6 was just a tourist issue. The almost milquetoast was mad as hell and was no longer going to take it. He bellowed that he and his family feared for their safety. He placed the blame on Donald Trump. Trump wanted Mike Pence to change votes. Pence said, no can do. Trump was enraged. He mistook president for king.

She's back. Emma Samms (Holly) is returning to "General Hospital" in mid-April. Thus far, no one is saying why she is checking into the hospital. Samms started a program in the U.K. equal to Make-A-Wish in honor of her young brother who succumbed to a blood ailment. Not only is Samms beautiful, she is a total class act. When she joined "GH," the entire cast was given cocaine by the show's then-producer. Samms was not interested. She did not preach; she just said no.


He's back on "The Bold and the Beautiful": Brooke and Ridge's son RJ returns in mid-April. When last we saw him, the character was a teen lusting after Coco, Sally's younger sister. He's gone. After six years, Ryan Seacrest is leaving Kelly Ripa and whoever on April 14. Doing "American Idol," his radio show and commuting between the two coasts became too much. Ripa's real life hubby Mark Consuelos will become her co-host. The duo met while they were on "All My Children,"


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