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The same week "Days of Our Lives" fans were mourning the death of John Aniston (Victor on "Days"), they had to shed tears for another iconic "Days" actor. Robert Clary, 96, died a day later. Clary played Robert on "Days" and and Pierre on "The Bold and the Beautiful." The diminutive actor, 5 feet 1 inch tall, literally sang for his supper when he was held at Buchenwald concentration camp. He wanted viewers to know that his prime-time hit series "Hogan's Heroes" was not about a concentration camp but a prisoner of war camp. He said being a prisoner of war was not easy, but compared to a concentration camp it was a walk in the park. When he was 16, everyone in his apartment building, 14, died. His weekday job was preparing boots for the SS at night; he was a cabaret singer. "Every Sunday, I would sing and dance. They nicknamed me gigot. If an officer tried to put me into the gas chamber line, another would pull me out." He also says his late mother's words kept him alive. "I could be obnoxious. My mother told me to 'behave.'" Those were the last word from his mother.

For years, he said the number on his wrist was a number for his home. In fact, it was his ID for Buchenwald. He felt ashamed. One day he saw a film about the Holocaust. He decided to tell the truth. He was on "The Merv Griffin Show." He held up his hand and showed the number. He told the story behind it. His details were true and heartbreaking. When he was liberated, he decided to use his entertainment talents to keep him alive. He married Natalie Cantor Metzger, the daughter of fabled entertainer Eddie Cantor.



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