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Sean Kanan, who portrays Deacon Sharpe on "The Bold and the Beautiful," is offering a master class in acting. His every move, reaction and action is perfect. No matter what the situation, he always brings it home. From his love-hate relationship with Sheila to his father-daughter relationship with Hope that makes you wish he were your dad, to mixing it up with Ridge or Bill, you want Deacon to win. For years Deacon was the resident slimeball. If there was a rainstorm that washed out the roads, Deacon caused it. When he came back, his time in prison had turned him around. What makes this even better is that he still has those not-so-great instincts. Brooke is the love of his life. He dreams of being with her, but he knows it would be a nightmare -- so he backs off.

It's also a big year for the actor. He credits his wife, Michele, with changing him. He admits to having been a very bad boy, even getting multiple DUIs -- but then she came along. He played the villain in the original "Cobra Kai." When we talked, he stunned me; he had done research on me. Wow -- just wow.



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