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Last week, Marci Miller (Abby on "Days of Our Lives") saw her legacy character murdered. This week will show the departure of Eli (Lamon Archey) and Lani (Sal Stowers). The trio did not want to sign long-term contracts. The show's head honcho, Ken Corday, was tired of working around schedules to meet the actors wants and desires. He and the writers, who won Daytime Emmys last week, want to tell the stories at the pace they want. The show writes over four months ahead. Being hamstrung because of actors was not going to happen. Actors do not want to sign long-term in case they get a better offer, i.e., primetime or movie. Understandable, but not always a good idea. Peter Reckell (Bo) opted for a long-term contract decades ago. He has said it was not a good idea because there have been some dry spells for him, which is true for most actors.

Lani and Eli will leave Salem when Lani confesses to killing her father. Her mother, Paulina, who just married Abe, was taking the wrap. Haunted by her father's ghost, Lani admitted she was the culprit. Lani is headed for penitentiary. Hubby Eli wants to be near so she can visit and offer support.

Paul Telfer (Xander) has become one of the most popular actors with the audience. At first, he was not certain he wanted a long-term contract. In the beginning, he was a pure villain. Then he was softened up. The love of a good woman, Sarah, turned him into a hero. Telfer was happy when his character would pop in and out of Salem. When he was offered a contract, he was leery. It was important that he be free to follow his Broadway star wife, Carman Cusack, when she hits the road for touring shows. He changed his mind when he realized signing a contract meant no more economic struggle. Drake Hogestyn (John) once signed a seven-year contract. He liked the idea of steady work so he could support his family.

Men, men, men! What is wrong with so many of them? Singer R. Kelly had it all: money, adulation, a great career. That ended Wednesday when he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He was found guilty of eight violations of the Mann Act. Which means he violated young men and women. He did it for a period of 25 years. The documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" explains it all. Several women who were debauched by him testified how he changed and destroyed their lives. Some of the girls were preteens when he abused them. He was a superstar. He pulled them in because they idolized the superstar. Kelly was stoic during the judge's ruling. Prison will be tough for him, not because of all the years he will be in jail but because of how he will be perceived by fellow inmates. Many have young children and grandchildren. He will need to watch his back. One person has suggested he will be held in isolation.


"General Hospital"'s Fourth of July show will be a repeat. The three other soaps will be showing new shows. "The Bold and the Beautiful," "Days of Our Lives" and "The Young and the Restless" have it right. With the airing of the congressional hearing, soap fans are clamoring for new episodes.


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