The Princess' star Joey King shares how her empowering action movie modernizes fairy tales

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This isn’t your typical fairy tale princess.

Emmy-nominated actress Joey King loved putting a modern spin on the fantasy genre with her action-packed movie “The Princess,” starring as a royal with secret fighting skills who doesn’t wait around for a prince to rescue her.

The movie, out Friday on Hulu, picks up with King’s character being held hostage in a feudal tower, and follows her escape mission as she brawls with hulking mercenaries.

“I love that we’re just immediately onboard with the princess being like, ‘Yeah, I don’t need a man. I know how to fight, and I’m just going to do it on my own,’ ” King, 22, told the Daily News.

“We have no questions about the fact that there’s no romance in this movie,” King said. “There’s no man coming to save her, and she’s just obviously capable.”

The medieval-set film introduces King’s unnamed hero as a young princess kidnapped by the henchmen of a power-hungry lord whom she refused to marry.


To save her kingdom and free her family, the princess must navigate a heavily guarded castle and use her elite combat abilities to take down her enemies.

“It’s an empowerment story, but it’s also just so fun,” King said. “I watched this movie, and I just feel like I’m immersed in this other world.”

The Los Angeles-born King rose to fame starring with Selena Gomez in the 2010 family film “Ramona and Beezus,” which was adapted from a popular Beverly Cleary novel. She received an Emmy nomination in 2019 and a Golden Globe nomination in 2020 for the true-crime murder drama series “The Act.”

King was no stranger to action roles, starring with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in 2013′s “White House Down.” But the intense fight scenes in “The Princess” were unlike anything she’d done before.


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