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The quirky "Wendy Williams Show" chat fest has ceased production. The show, which debuted in 2008, had an unusual opening. The former beauty queen would sit in an easy chair, talk smack, snark and gossip. Williams, who battles Graves' disease, often took time off from the show.

Williams admits she has struggled with cocaine for years and has had many battles with the rich and famous. She battled Bill Cosby when he was still America's favorite dad. Whitney Houston became incensed when Williams brought up Houston's breast implants. Houston said if Williams was not so "old," she would have taken her down in a fist fight. Keesha Sharp and Nicki Minaj have also thrown down the gauntlet. Williams has apologized but then has gone back to her old tricks a day later. When she was young, her parents were very vocal about their disdain for her weight. In high school, she graduated 360th out of a class of 363. She is estranged from her family. After an abortion and several miscarriages, finally she gave birth to a son, Kevin, in 2000.

She and her present husband have had a bumpy marital life. They divorced in 2020. This year, Wells Fargo took over her finances. She recently stated she is living in a sober house.

"Days of Our Lives'" Billy Flynn (Chad) and Marci Miller (Abby) have mixed feelings about Abby being killed off. Miller would have stayed with the show if Abby could come and go. The powers that be nixed that idea. Flynn loves working with Miller, but her here today, gone tomorrow, status often left his character in limbo. Rumors say that Gabi, who has loved Chad forever, might make a play for him.


Mark Cuban is our favorite shark. He talks about all his failures. Even when he does not become a mentor he offers encouragement. He snarks back at Kevin O'Leary. Today we love him even more. He has started a prescription service to help people deal with the soaring medication costs. Insulin has become so expensive that people have to ration it or go without food. CVS, not wanting to lose customers, has also reduced some of its rates. So, good on you, Cuban.


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