Making sense of MTV's 'Buckhead Shore' with the cast and previewing the first episode

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DJ Simmons is a musician whose dad Daryl Simmons has songwriting credits such as Bobby Brown's hit single "Don't Be Cruel" and Boyz II Men's No. 1 song ""End of the Road." He is trying to be a songwriter as well but admits to getting "sidetracked by the partying." He and Bethania have been friends a long time and had recently hooked up.

Chelsea Prescott, a Georgia State political science major, said she just brings good vibes and a good ear for friends. "I'm here for a good time, not a long time," she said on the show. Adamo Giraldo is an aviation mechanic on the weekdays and a stripper on weekends. Pat Muresan is one of Parker's close buds and runs multiple gas stations.

Katie, now a model in Miami, is Parker's ex of four years but ends up going to the lake house anyway because that is a recipe for tension and drama. "Toxic love," is how DJ described their relationship during the first episode. "'The Notebook,' but way worse."

"I'm still integrated in his life every day" Katie said to the AJC.

Another Parker ex, Savannah Gabriel, pops up as well and creates a bit of a love triangle.


In other words, it's exactly what you would expect on a show like this, missing only the silly nicknames many of the "Jersey Shore" characters still have. In fact, "Buckhead Shore" follows a new episode of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation," which features many of the same folks from the original "Jersey Shore," just older.



"Buckhead Shore," debuts at 9 p.m. ET Thursday, June 23, on MTV and available on Paramount+ the next day.

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