Is KAABOO festival returning to Del Mar, moving, or finished? Lawsuit against San Diego Padres may decide

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“I tried everything and never got a response. I want my money back,” Rentch said. “I would think they’d want to respond, refund and apologize, but none of that has happened.”

Lawsuits and radio silence

The radio silence from KAABOO is not new.

Between 2020 and now, representatives for KAABOO repeatedly did not respond to inquiries from the Union-Tribune.

One exception, in mid-2021, came via email from an unnamed KAABOO representative who declined to identify themselves or respond to any specific questions. Their email address no longer exists.

In Union-Tribune articles about the festival’s unknown status published in 2020, 2021 and earlier this year, representatives for the Padres stated they were in the dark about KAABOO.


Or, as the team’s CEO Greupner told the Union-Tribune in February: “Unfortunately, we don’t have any regular communications with them and are not sure what they’re planning. We don’t have any clarity from KAABOO that they are going to hold the festival at the ballpark.

“We have an agreement — if the festival takes place at the ballpark — that would cover the economics of it. But it would need to take place, and that’s what we don’t have clarity from KAABOO about.”

KAABOO is represented in its San Diego lawsuit by the Los Angeles law firm of Carlton Fields LLP and in the Delaware suit by the Pittsburgh office of the international law firm K&L Gates.

Representatives for both law firms did not respond to messages left by the Union-Tribune. Neither did Jason Felts, who was involved in the production of KAABOO Del Mar for several years as well as the lone editions of KAABOO Grand Cayman and KAABOO Texas, both held in 2019.


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