'This Is Us' cast knows how you'll react to the series ending. They did it too

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Sullivan: This is what I will take away and what I hope others do too: Zoom out and know that everything will be OK. From Episode 1 of this television show — tragedy. And the show gives us the ability to look into the future and see these children, and they're OK. Our fathers pass away, our mothers will die, there will be addiction, there will be tragedy, there will be loss, there will be pain, and it will be OK. All of these things and it will be OK. Zoom out!

Metz: For me, personally, I'm so grateful that the executives, the network, the studio and Dan took a chance on a woman who didn't look like everybody else, who had her own real food issues, and looked at how she navigates them. And now we get to see average to plus-size to just normal people on television, and I think that was a huge catalyst in many ways — that I am forever grateful for because somebody has to take a chance on someone at some point, someone has to give somebody an opportunity.

Q: Are you ready for life after "This Is Us"?

Hartley: I don't have a choice. Here's the thing about it: It's been so satisfying that, yeah, it's sad and I wish it could go on forever; I would gladly do another six seasons of this show. But at the same time, it's not lost on me that I was lucky enough to experience those moments — most people don't get one. And I got friends that I will hold dear forever. Without getting too personal, I have been through some things in my life, just like everyone else, and there are moments where you see other people smiling or laughing or holding hands and you don't know how that's even possible. How could you ever be happy? Ever?

And so when you are, you realize that "oh, my gosh, OK, so all these moments are fleeting." And it's sad that I won't have this. So am I ready for life after that? Yes. Because I have learned that you have to hold on to those moments because they can live however you want them to live with you forever. I will be fine. I hope that we do a reunion thing. It doesn't have to be filmed. It doesn't have to be for anybody but us — I'll host it.


Q: So, Mandy, is it safe to say fans should be asking for two personal days in May with these two final episodes?

Moore: It just depends on how you're able to function and if you're super dehydrated.

Sullivan: "Mandy Moore says, 'Stay hydrated'" — I think the title of [Episode] 18 is called "Stay Hydrated."


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