'This Is Us' cast knows how you'll react to the series ending. They did it too

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Brown: Dan told us that he finished writing the last episode last night. A lot of it has been shot. So I wonder, how much did he [already] write — he probably had about 20 more minutes to throw in there, something like that. So let me preface this by saying I have not read Episode 6.17 [the penultimate episode], but pretty much everybody else has.

Ventimiglia: Oh s—, Sterling.

Brown: That's pretty much everybody's response. Mandy, every day, is like: "Have you read it yet?"

Moore: I'm like: "Text me a picture of your face once you read it."

Brown: Because evidently 6.17 is that s—. It's that penultimate joint where, like, it all comes like [mimics a collision with his hands]. I'll say this because I haven't even read it yet — and somebody who has read it can comment — but I actually told Dan, "Look, we can't finish like 'Game of Thrones.' We gotta finish strong because, during the pandemic, I would have been watching 'Thrones' all day, but I knew how it ended and I had no desire to watch it."

Huertas: Mandy should answer this. Your reaction to reading it is so good.


Moore: I was so upset and sad that I threw up. It caught my breath. My husband kept checking in on me, like, "Are you OK?" I'd be on page five, like, "I can't do this, I can't do this." And he kept checking in on me, and then it finished and [mimics vomiting] — Chrissy, I think you're the same reaction, not the getting sick part, but just like the inability to breathe. I was so congested from being upset that it wasn't good.

Metz: Yeah, it's like you can't blow your nose, but you can't breathe. It's the feeling in between that.

Ventimiglia: I couldn't talk. I just couldn't. We're seeing these characters that we've lived with for so many years, experienced these things, and they're slowly wrapping up. And then to know another wrap up or wind up. It was pretty overwhelming. That whole six years of experience just grabs you.

Q: Looking back, is there a memory that stands out from those early days of shooting the pilot, or the time before the show premiered and blew up?


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