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“The God Committee” — starring Kelsey Grammer and Julia Stiles — has divine timing.

The movie directed by Austin Stark is about the politics of organ transplants and who gets a new heart and who doesn’t.

It was released on Netflix this week, one day after the story broke about David Bennett — the first person to receive a heart from a genetically modified pig, giving hope to hundreds of thousands of people with failing organs.

Grammar, who plays a doctor with a heart condition, said, “I have done some parts for a little spending money but not this one. I was moved by the part and convinced my director, Austin Stark, to give me the lead role instead of the supporting one he had originally offered me.”


Former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Jill Zarin and Carole Crist, the former first lady of Florida, turned heads as they plunged into the mud baths and hot springs in Papagayo, Costa Rica, in bikinis.

Zarin, who was with her boyfriend Gary Brody, also led the adventurous group out to sea where they spotted a group of humpback whales.


Then, they went zip lining in the rain forest, where Crist was strapped into a harness with a young guide to keep her calm.


Anderson Cooper, Ashley Judd and Brooke Shields were honored in New York by Audrey Gruss’ Hope for Depression Research Foundation. But the charity has shifted south.

During a kickoff party at Le Bilboquet Palm Beach in Florida, Gruss announced that her Fourth Annual Race of Hope will be held Feb. 26 in Palm Beach.

TV star Katie Couric was the race’s last grand marshal when financier John Paulson, real estate’s Karen and Richard LeFrak and former Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Hilary Geary Ross all ran … or walked.


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