'Spider-Man: No Way Home' writers reveal why they finally use that iconic Spidey line (twice)

Tracy Brown, Los Angeles Times on

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Then, the secondary question was, if May is going to say it to him, do we want that line to come back in the rooftop scene where the three Spider-Man are talking to each other?

We knew that we needed something to really help crystallize the bond between the three Spider-Men. It's such a fraught scene. Our MCU Peter is in such a dark place ... we need to get that to an ending of the scene where he is listening to them. It's about the three of them all realizing something about this bond they have. So again, that line came up. Ultimately, we decided that hearing one of them start the line, hearing another one of them finish the line, having that look between them — using the line to really help them realize just how deep this bond is between them, it felt right.

Q: The one, purely fun cameo is Matt Murdock. How did his appearance come to together?

Sommers: It was clear from the get-go that because of the aftermath of Peter's identity being exposed, he was going to be in big trouble and he was going to need a lawyer. And very quickly, the fan in all of us was like, what if it's Matt Murdock? Wouldn't that be fun? Can we do that? Like so many times in this movie, we were writing things as we hoped it would be, not necessarily sure we could get that certain actor, but it worked out.


McKenna: You look at the Marvel sandbox and who's in the Marvel world that's a lawyer? There's Matt Murdock and Jessica Walters, She-Hulk. She was brought up too because they're doing the She-Hulk show. But once it was clear that we didn't want just some random or new character, it became, "Can we really have Daredevil be his lawyer?"

The tough thing was that we didn't want to have too much of him in the movie, because then you'd think he was going to play a bigger role in the finale. We were just like, "OK, we can only have him for one scene" ... but it was great to have him.


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