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Richard Burgi is exiting "The Young and the Restless" and being replaced by Robert Newman. Newman played Josh Lewis on "Guiding Light" for decades. He is one of the good guys. As for Burgi, COVID got him. He went to New York to visit his 97-year-old mother. On his return, he tested positive for COVID. The CDC deemed a five-day isolation was good enough. Burgi returned to the set; they insist on 11 days. Burgi had not read the small print. That gets you every time. At first, Burgi posted that it was his choice to exit the show. His wife said not true; he was axed. I would love to have heard that marital conversation.

Burgi, a fine actor, had to deal with a shifting, confusing storyline. In the beginning, he was to be an evil tycoon. That lasted a week. Then we learned he had a murky past. His whole life was a lie. The twist and turns caused whiplash. Then he seemed to fall in love with Victoria. For weeks viewers suffered through the wedding in Tuscany. For a month that was the only storyline. Oh, accept right before he said "I do," they gave him cancer. No, this is not me retelling a bad dream. It is me trying to explain a nightmarish, convoluted plot.

No word on Newman's first air date. On "GL," he was a member of the mighty Lewis clan. More important, he was lover/hubby to Reva. Played by Kim Zimmer, Reva was hellion. She bellowed; she loved; she hated; she was married to Josh's father and brother and could not pass up a chance to a roll in the hay with many an admirer.

The sudden death of Bob Saget, 65, stunned the entertainment world. "RIP" messages came from myriad stars. From Russell Crowe to Henry Winkler to Jon Stewart to Whoopie Goldberg to Patton Oswald and on and on. Folks who are not into social media to folks who usually do not talk about anyone but themselves seemed heartbroken. All the condolences also had the same message: Saget was not just funny but he was a wonderful, warm, caring person. So many mentioned all the extra time he took when he knew they needed a boost or help. He would spend hours on the phone tracking down help for someone in crisis. Pete Davidson was having a rough time when he was in his early 20s. Saget learned about it from Davidson' mother. Davidson posted that Saget talked to him for hours and searched for someone to help.

The cast of "Full House," the sitcom that made him a star, was gutted. The Olsen twins, who played the youngest daughter on the show, told the New York Post even though they did not want to do the Netflix reboot, there was no rancor. In fact, they talked all the time. John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the show, considered him his best friend. Saget, who wore his heart on his sleeve, sent the most beautiful birthday message a short time ago. Stamos got his acting break playing Blackie Parrish on "General Hospital." There is a reason these two were best friends; Stamos is as kind and caring as Saget. I learned that when a mother contacted me. Her daughter who was suffering from leukemia had one wish: his autograph. I called his mother, Loretta. She said she had a better idea. She wanted her son to pay her a hospital visit. He was a kid, a bit apprehensive and nervous. He went. There was one condition: He did not want any press or photos. He just wanted to let her know he was concerned and to see how she was doing. They say you can judge people by the company they keep. Stamos and Saget kept each other company all the time.


"Days of Our Lives" fans are getting what they wished for. Linsey Godfrey (Sarah) is returning to the show Jan 17. Xander finally figures out that Sarah did not run off. Abby helps Xander locate her. In the months she has been off the show, Godfrey has been pumping iron and is looking buff. She recently revealed she has dealt with bipolar disorder. She wants viewers to know it is hard but there is help.


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