Ron White is retiring from stand-up at end of 2022

Rodney Ho, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on

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White said that while the core of that story was largely true, it was actually the combination of two different alcohol-infused nights merged together.

“My fans know that story so well, they can practically sing along to it,” he said. “I’ve done it a couple of times in recent years. I don’t get the payoff for it. I get applause instead of laughter.”

At the same time, he takes pride that he created something so iconic.

“It’s made me a little weepy thinking I wrote something so well that people can recite it word for word for five and a half minutes,” he said.

His on-stage stories all sound plausibly autobiographical so “my fans believe every word I say like it’s a newscast,” he said. “Quite frankly, some of the stories are very, very true. But some are complete figments of my imagination.”


He has been touring regularly since last summer. The pandemic has been odd only because he has noticed that often up to 15% of the seats in his sold-out shows remain empty. “People buy tickets but don’t show up,” he said. “They don’t ask for refunds. It’s odd.”

Although Foxworthy, Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and White could easily rake in big bucks doing a reunion tour, White has resisted for years in part because he feels his show has gotten way too dirty to match up with the other three’s cleaner acts.

And with his pending retirement, the likelihood has shrunken even more.


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