Ron White is retiring from stand-up at end of 2022

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His current place is fine, he said, but he got upset after a tenant falsely accused him of not picking up after his dog Mustard. One day after playing golf and having imbibed a few cocktails, he entered the building and saw the homeowners association having a meeting. He impulsively crashed the meeting and gave them a tongue lashing for the mistake.

“It was brutal,” he said. “It was ridiculous. The turd sat there in the parking lot for a week but it wasn’t my dog’s. The HOA hates my guts now.”

White has became close friends with fellow comic and popular podcaster Joe Rogan and was thrilled that Rogan also moved to Austin. The city, he said, is becoming a hotbed for comedy. And there are comedy spots near his penthouse for him to test jokes. “Rogan is planning a club there,” he said.

He enjoys the exposure he gets from being on Rogan’s show, where they shoot the breeze for hours. Rogan now draws millions of listeners per episode, bigger and deeper exposure than “The Tonight Show” or any of the other chat shows, White said.

“We’re kindred spirits,” White said. “We have chosen this lifestyle. He just works way harder than I do. I didn’t have that much energy when I was 18.”

While White has embarked on a few TV and film projects over the years, his primary income has come from stand-up.


He is constantly refining his main act, regularly adding and subtracting jokes. The best ones, he said, last up to three years.

White is one of the rare comics who is deeply defined by one single story. It was about a time he got super drunk and was thrown out of a bar. One of the key punchlines involved the phrase “Tater Salad.” The joke became so tied with White, that his fans now call him that.

“It evolved into this really tight thing with all these punchlines,” he said. “It became my signature style, which is long-form story telling.” (A version of him telling the joke has been seen more than 8 million times on YouTube.)

One of the best lines from that story also was used as a title for his 2006 bestselling book: “I Had the Right to Remain Silent But I Didn’t Have the Ability.”


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