My worst moment: Theo Rossi and the time he disappeared into a port-a-potty on the set of 'Sons of Anarchy'

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The Kevin Hart limited series “True Story” on Netflix centers on a world-famous comedian who pulled is into a web of murder. He also has to contend with a fan, played by Theo Rossi, who is so dedicated his enthusiasm crosses over into stalking.

“One of my favorite films is Martin Scorsese’s ‘The King of Comedy’ and the Rupert Pupkin character played by Robert De Niro,” said Rossi. ”I can’t tell you how much I’ve studied that character and the strangeness of celebrity culture. I started my career as an extra and I was on the outside of this business for so long, so I was always fascinated by this uplifting of celebrity because my life was the opposite of it. I love looking at people who are on the fringe and how they operate.”

Rossi is best known for his roles on Marvel’s “Luke Cage” series and the outlaw biker gang drama “Sons of Anarchy,” and when asked about a cringeworthy moment from his career, it was a memory from the latter that came to mind.

“This story, while rather embarrassing, is extremely fitting,” he said. “I have zero ego and my whole thing is, why not? So I’m going to tell you this story.”

My worst moment …

“This was the third season of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ It was 2010 and physically I was much bigger, especially Season 3. I was 50 pounds heavier than I am right now. I was working out with weights and I was just enormous because, in my mind, I thought this guy would be super big. He had the mohawk and the tattoos. I was still finding who he was, because in the first two seasons I really didn’t do that much.


“So we’re shooting in downtown L.A. in this makeshift prison and it’s seven stories and we’re on the roof. It’s super hot — so hot that the blacktop on the roof was melting. There are all these extras and me and a bunch of the main characters.

“And they told me the night before: ‘Hey, you’re gonna have your shirt off. You’re gonna be working out.’ And remember, I was big. Maybe too big. And people say the camera adds 10 pounds. And I got in my head. It was one of those things where you imagine what you want to look like and then you kind of look at yourself and go, I don’t look like that. My ego got in the way.

“So someone gives me this idea: You should drink this tea Smooth Move and you’ll lose water weight, or something like that. So me, being an extreme person, I think: Well, I don’t have a lot of time, so I might as well just make an entire jug of this and I’m going to drink until we’re shooting the scenes. And I put the whole box of tea bags in this thing. What did I think was going to happen in 24 hours?

“So we’re seven stories up. It’s incredibly hot. I’m wearing an orange prison uniform and white slip-on prison shoes that keep getting stuck in the tar. And to go to the bathroom, you need to run down seven stories to the ground floor and hit a port-a-potty. But I keep chugging that Smooth Move.


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