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I am mourning two of my favorite Steves. Steve Burton, Jason on "General Hospital" for over a quarter of a century, has been axed from the show after refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. He was not granted a religious exemption and he has tested positive for COVID.

The other is Stephen Sondheim. Sondheim, 91, had not been ill prior to his day-after-Thanksgiving death. His songs have kept me company when I was losing my mind and helped me learned when it was time to move on.

After weeks of speculation, Burton confirmed he is exiting "GH." He thanked everyone from the show for giving him an amazing life. He met his wife when she worked in the "GH" office, He thanked the cast, crew and fans. In the storyline, Jason is presumed dead. Jason has come back to life more times than "Days of Our Lives" Stefano Dimera, which is more than nine times.

For the next several weeks, the citizens of Port Charles will try to cope with this horrific loss. The writers have been very smart making his death involve his twin brother, Drew. It showcases Monica's loss of another child. Britt will blame herself, and Spinelli will search for Jason in the hopes that Stone Cold is alive.

I will miss the character and actor. Burton has won three daytime Emmys: two for "GH" and one for "The Young and the Restless." Dylan, who he plays in "Y&R," is in the witness protection program thanks to Sharon's big mouth. He is the biological son of Nikki and Paul. Victor cannot stand him. Adam would be a rival. His return to "Y&R" would affect so many characters. While it is only a rumor, it is one we hope comes true. Lord knows "Y&R" needs a shake-up. Neither Burton nor the show are denying or confirming.


Greg Vaughan (Eric) of "Days of Our Lives" is headed back to Salem. Former priest Eric will be involved in the Mardevil story. After all, possessed Marlena is his mom. It would be great to tangle with Xander, who has grown a brain and is searching for Sarah. Eric and Xander love to push each other's buttons.

Lisa Brown, 67, who starred on "As the World Turns" as Iva and on "Guiding Light" as Nola, died this week after a brief illness. Both roles were created by Doug Marland. He loved her quirky acting style. She was also quirky in real life. The last time I worked with her, she was embracing that side. She had on white roller skates. She dangled her feet out the window and cackled. What fun she was having as people driving by stared. Co-stars from Martha Byrne to John Wesley Shipp to Kim Zimmmer posted their love for her and how much they loved working with her.


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