'Hawkeye' Episode 1 introduces Kate Bishop. Here's what she brings to the MCU

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Marvel Studios' fourth live-action MCU series, "Hawkeye" sets itself apart with street-level stakes and holiday themes. Unlike most MCU fare, which is loosely inspired by various comic book storylines, "Hawkeye" cites a specific, critically acclaimed comic book run as direct inspiration: "Hawkeye" (2012-2015), by Matt Fraction, David Aja and Annie Wu, about what Clint does when he's not being an Avenger. (Fraction is credited as a consulting producer on the show.)

"Everybody at Marvel was really enthusiastic about that run and loved the tone of it, so there was a real desire to get the feel of that comic book into the show," said Igla. "One of the real fun challenges of the show was finding way to marry Clint, as we've gotten to know him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the way that he is depicted in those comics."

What else should we know about Kate Bishop?

A: Kate Bishop made her comic book debut in a 2005 issue of "Young Avengers" by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, as a teenage socialite held hostage along with all the guests at her sister's wedding. After helping the Young Avengers in their nearly-botched attempt at a rescue, she basically forces her way onto the team and eventually, officially, inherits the code-name Hawkeye. (Clint was dead at the time, but in true comics fashion he eventually returns.)

Like her TV counterpart, Kate doesn't have superpowers but is resourceful and is skilled in archery, fencing and hand-to-hand combat. When Clint returns (as Ronin), she earns his respect and his approval to keep using the Hawkeye name and his bow. Even after Clint resumes going by Hawkeye, he encourages her to keep using the name because the world is big enough for two Hawkeyes.

Kate joins a number of MCU characters who have been associated with the Young Avengers in the comics, including "WandaVision's" Billy and Tommy, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's" Eli, "Loki's" Young Loki and "Ant-Man's" Cassie Lang. America Chavez, who will be introduced in the upcoming "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," has also been a part of the Young Avengers.


What's the story behind "Rogers: The Musical"?

A: "Hawkeye" audiences first get a glimpse of Clint attending a performance of "Rogers: The Musical," a musical adaptation of events from his real life.

"We were trying to think of, what's a fun way to meet Clint and [see] where he is?," said Thomas. "So my brain just got to thinking about the last place that Clint would want to be and an image of Jeremy Renner's face sitting in a darkened theater, unamused, watching a version of himself on stage, reenacting one of these traumatic moments from his life, just immediately felt really funny to me."

When Thomas pitched his "silly idea" at a meeting, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige jumped on it.


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