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After 18 years, Mark Harmon is exiting "NCIS." in his final episode, he decides he is no longer fulfilled by his jobs. His colleagues try to talk him out of it with no luck. You can bet CBS tried to get him to stay. Harmon, worth $40 million, was not interested. He might make a few guest appearances. The show had a few behind-the-scenes soap opera moments. Pauley Perrette, who played the popular Abby, claims she left the show because of Harmon and the dogs he brought to the set. She described them as vicious. Harmon never made any comments regarding her claims.

It has been difficult for Annika Noelle of "The Bold and the Beautiful." She suffered two miscarriages. What made it even harder was her character dealt with a miscarriage and marital woes with on-screen husband Liam. In an article for Glamour, she describes her emotional turmoil. She decided not to tell anyone on the show about her real-life woes. She was often weepy on the set but gave no reason. Presently, she is coping. She wrote the article to reach out to other women who have suffered as she has.

On "The Kelly Clarkson Show", Deidre Hall revealed that the possession storyline on "Days of Our Lives" will last through Christmas. Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) said the baby Ciara wants to have badly may be the one in town possessed by the devil. Some shows hang on to a storyline too long. Nine months of Nixon Falls where Sonny had his amnesia and thought he was named Mike. It took as long as it takes to make a baby. The "Sonny loves Nina" story was an odd twist. Everyone in Port Charles is forgiving Nina even though Sonny's family thought he was dead all that time. Carly is not so forgiving. A Carly crossed is a wild card.

Tyler Christopher, who won a Best Actor Emmy for playing Nikolas on "General Hospital" and had a short stint as a DiMera, wants his fans to know he is back in Los Angeles and feeling fine. Christopher has been open about his drinking problems. They got him the ax from "Days." He went online to talk about his current life. He also recalled his friend, actor Jamison Jones, who plays Jesse on "The Young and the Restless." They did a play together called "Bent." Christopher called it the best acting of his life. It is about two men who play gay to save them from the Nazi reign. He was not the only soap actor to have played in "Bent." Joseph Adams, the first Jack on "Days", starred in "Bent" in New York City. Since leaving "Days", Adams has been busy with Broadway, regional theatre and movies.


It's true. Sharon Case and Mark Grossman are not only flirting with each other on-screen; they are together in real life.


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