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Denise Richards, who plays Shauna on "The Bold and the Beautiful," is having a drama worthy of a soap opera. Her daughter, Lola Rose Sheen, took to TikTok recently and said living with her mother is like living in a hellhole. Her mother is also on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Mom wanted her to do things such as graduate from high school or be home before 4 a.m. So for now, Lola Rose is living with her dad, Charlie Sheen; that's a winning combination. Her father says he hopes she can get it together and get her GED. He's not very into rules. What a surprise. When Charlie was growing up, he had rules. The rule was that you could never say no. Whatever his kids wanted, if anyone told the kids no, they were banished. His father, acclaimed actor Martin Sheen, realized the errors of his ways when his son got older. I remember being on a press junket, and father and son were in the same elevator as I. His father shook his head, saying, "Charlie, I can't babysit you anymore. You're in your 30s. You have to figure it out for yourself." For the past three years, Charlie claims he has lived drug and alcohol free.

I have always said that people can be like a recipe box. They have a cake that you like to bake, or one that you would throw in the garbage. Muhammad Ali was always a mystery to me. One day, I had the pleasure of meeting him. I was in a very upscale hotel in Chicago. I was with Ruth Warrick, Phoebe on "All My Children." At the time, I was very shy. I stood in a corner, and this beautiful man walked over to me and asked where I was from. I said Cleveland. He perked up and said he has property in Cleveland. I knew the area from Robert Hall's family clothing store. Most kids got their outfits from the store. He asked me what I thought I should do with the land. I told him the area really needed a recreational site or a Boys & Girls Club of America. He took a few notes down and said he would contact me. Of course he never did, but how wonderful this sports giant took the time to ask my opinion. After that, whenever I heard negative comments about him, I would remember our drive-by meeting. If you met him and put the card in your recipe box, it would make the most glorious cake. In later years, he struggled with Parkinson's disease. As a spokesperson with the debilitating disease, he was humble and kind, and willing to help. He even made a few concessions about being kind of arrogant in his early years. But he would say he was the most beautiful man on earth, and that he was. Be sure to watch Ken Burns' documentary on the person who started out as Cassius Clay and became Muhammed Ali.

General Hospital fans were worried when Steve Burton (Jason) on the show went on Instagram and announced that he had COVID. Burton has downplayed it, but in the last few weeks, he has done little social networking. Viewers wondered how the show would shoot without him. Luckily, they were on their four-week hiatus. Through the wonders of editing, he won't be missing from any scenes.



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