David Eigenberg on his long journey to 'Chicago Fire'

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“And when you see your favorite artist on stage: Billie Eilish, she has as an awesome seamstress and stylist ... Beyonce, that's fantastic. And now, we have hit a threshold to a different level of fantasticness, and that is cutting edge technology with facial recognition to bring everyone's imagination to the next fold. This is beyond makeup,” he says.

“This is beyond a hat and glasses. It's beyond freaking tailored suits that fit you perfectly. This is your spirit tailored. This is your passion tailored. This is putting makeup on your spirit. Wow, that's what I'm talking about. This is, like, the next level.”

‘FBI’ goes international on CBS

The maneuverings of the FBI are already depicted on CBS with two shows, “FBI” and “FBI: Most Wanted.” The third, “FBI: International” bows on Tuesday endowed with a European flair for the dramatic. The executive producer of these shows, Dick Wolf, is best known for his super successful “Law & Order” franchise. He insists that each of these shows about the FBI are unique in their own way. “All three of the shows have very definite identities that are quite different,” he says.

“’The "FBI’ is set in the New York office exclusively. It's two special agents that are paired and teamed, and there are several other teams in that office.

But it's — I hate to draw generalities, but it's a classic two-handed cop show, if you will. ‘Most Wanted’ is a different dynamic because they go wherever they have to in the United States to chase violent felons. That the idea that everybody they go after is one of the 10 most-wanted that's in the post office, is inherently interesting and gives you different storytelling modalities to explore.

"’International,’ is a whole different cup of tea or kettle of fish. It's set overseas. It doesn't have them as THE FBI, they're visitors in foreign cities and cooperating with authorities. So very different storytelling dynamics.”


Michael Caine back as cranky author

Fans will be happy that Michael Caine is back in front of the camera for the new film, “Best Sellers,” which is playing in theaters and on-demand now. He portrays a cantankerous author who hooks up with a woman (Aubrey Plaza) who inherited her father’s sinking publishing house, and needs a hit to make it sound again. She learns that he, a former successful writer, owes her a book. And when she calls in the debt, all sorts of surprises occur.

Though he started in the theater, Caine says he was always enamored with film. “I loved the subtlety of the cinema and loved to bring acting down to behavior,” he says.

“In cinema it's real life, a tree is a tree, so there's no actors. You should be a person. Try to bring it down to behavior, behavior, behavior, and make it as small as possible so that no one can see the giant cogs going around,” he says.

“If you make them small enough no one sees what you’re doing. They just know that they're interested and they're watching a real person. They forget you're an actor altogether. That has been my life's work.”


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