David Eigenberg on his long journey to 'Chicago Fire'

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One of those things that fell together was meeting his wife, Chrysti. “We met right after 9/11,” he recalls. “She’d been activated from (Army) reserve duty and was doing homeland security down in Virginia,” he says.

For him, it was love at first sight. “I met her; it just hit me. That had never happened to me before. It just hit me at the core. Meeting my wife was something that I never anticipated and turned my cart from — I wouldn’t say narcissism — but definitely self-involvement to that outside myself; that I wanted to commit myself to being engaged with somebody else — except just myself. All is bliss for awhile, then you get down to the real work,” he says.

The “real work” included the tragedy of a miscarriage. “We lost a baby at 16 weeks. And my wife said, ‘You know, children are a gift, no matter how long they are in your life.’ That changed me. It was a life and it was gone. So we had to find our way through that.”

They did, and are the happy parents of a son, 12, and a daughter, 7. About that, Eigenberg says, “My children are the gift that I never dreamed of happening.”

“Chicago Fire” returns for its new season on Wednesday.

Avatars win the day


Fox is outfoxing itself with its new singing competition show. If vocalists camouflaged by bizarre costumes isn’t enough as in “The Masked Singer,” how about performers reimagined as avatars? That’s the premise of the new “Alter Ego” premiering on Wednesday.

Using motion-capture technology and CGI, real people are turned into what looks like creepy characters from a video game. These avatars are designed according to the singers’ desires who, apparently, are afraid to appear as themselves on a stage.

The good thing about this iteration are the judges which include Alanis Morrisette and the savvy rapper-producer-songwriter will.i.am.

“You know, when a person puts on makeup, or a hat, or a beanie, or a scarf, or glasses, that's expression,” he says. “That is fantastic. When you go out and you put on a costume for Halloween or cosplay at Comic Con, that's fantastical ...


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