Inside the emotional scene 'Sex Education's' creator wrote to face her own sexual assault

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In June 2019, the second block of Season 2 scripts was delivered to the cast. Separately, they read the culmination of Aimee's story — including the cathartic bus scene — for the first time.

Wood: I didn't know where Aimee's arc was going for quite a while, and I was so intrigued to see where it took her. I was doing a play at the time at (London's National Theatre), and I remember getting the second block (of scripts). I was desperate to read it, and I was backstage, and I was devouring them. And then it got to Episode 7, and when I saw that all the girls wait for her, I was absolutely sobbing reading it.

Ezeudu: It is such a hard-hitting scene, and I think it's easy, as actors, to feel a lot of responsibility to portray such heavy topics like that. But I was excited to tackle it and give it as much respect as it deserved.

On June 30, 2019, the cast gathered at the London Welsh Centre in King's Cross for a table read of the second half of Season 2.

Wood: When we came back to read the last four (episodes), everyone was really open and generous. I remember reading Episode 7 — which was kind of everyone's favorite, really, because it was the detention scene and then the bus — so I remember everyone being in floods after we read that, because it was just such a beautiful episode.

Ezeudu:I remember people crying and having such a visceral reaction to the material, because I feel that everyone in that room and everyone in the world relates to what happened. I felt a lot of solidarity between everyone.


Wood:We knew how much it was going to mean to people.

On Sept. 8, 2019, the cast and crew traveled to the lush Cwmcarn Forest north of Newport, Wales, to shoot the bus scene. The cameras began rolling around 4:30 p.m. local time.

Taylor:I wanted it to be the last scene of the day, because you wanted the best light to give it this warmth and (sense) of nostalgia. When we get lucky with "Sex Ed," we get quite a few of these Welsh golden hours, and it felt really appropriate for that. However, I had messed up a lot earlier that day with really trivial stuff, so we got to the last scene on the bus with probably half as much time as I wanted. It wasn't that I wanted more shots, but I just wanted more time to do it.

Wood: I just remember feeling very trusted. Everyone in the crew was super respectful and kind of quiet. Everyone was trying to keep it as sacred as possible.


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