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"Days of our Lives" -- and, really, all NBC programming -- will be on hiatus for two weeks as the postponed 2020 Olympics air. Ken Corday, the show's executive producer, promised right before the break that the show will be on fire. Thus far he has been right.

Just as Eric and Nicole were about to say, "I do," Xander revealed he slept with the bride-to-be. The former priest gave Xander a punch that sent the handsome hulk reeling. Many fans are unhappy. They hoped Greg Vaughan, who played the character, was back for good. Vaughan has been living in Canada with Angie Harmon of Rizzoli and Isles fame and their gaggles of children. Look for the Ben and Ciara drama to have a "Is she about to remember?" cliff-hanger and lots more.

The real drama appears to be surrounding the Olympics in Tokyo. There is always excitement at the games. Who will win the gold, who will get injured and who will be tossed because of failed drug tests? Another positive test could have them sent home.

The issue this year is COVID-19. The games were postponed last year because of the pandemic. Everyone assured things would be safe this year. Not so fast. At press time, 55 people associated with the Olympics tested positive. Some are self-quarantining. Others are going home. The Washington Post pointed out that less than 0.1% tested positive as over 11,000 athletes from countries all over the world participate. It is crushing for those who have practiced and waited all their lives for this moment. Coco Gauff, who tested positive, cried, "I waited and worked all my life for this." After that statement, she asked for the press to give her a time out. She said she was never comfortable with the press.

Enter Megyn Kelly. Kelly took the 17-year-old girl who was nervous to talk to the press to task. "That is part of what you do," she said. She is right. However, a person can be open about their phobia. I have to say those press moments after an event would have me at a loss for words. Anyone who knows me knows that would never happen.

Kelly spent 14 years on Fox News. In 2018, she was tapped to host the third hour of "Today." How did that go? Not so well. Less than a year into her multiple million-dollar contract, NBC and Kelly parted ways. The reason? She said that when she was a kid, no one thought wearing blackface on Halloween was a big deal. At the time, it was a hot-button issue when several top politicians were seen in blackface. Several decades ago, Ted Danson was dating Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg is the current referee on "The View." He wore blackface when the two went to a dinner party. Cringe. Later, he sheepishly admitted it was not his best idea.


When an Olympian wins the silver and not the gold, many feel they have failed. Up pops the reporter asking, "How does it feel?" They usually answer by saying that it is just an honor to win as they hold back tears, breathe heavy and wipe sweat off their faces.

Another soap opera moment came when it was decided that a group of Olympians had to be separated. What did they do? Put cardboard between them. Yeah, that will work.

For now, the sports show will go on without anyone in the stands. When "Days" returns, viewers will be cheering on their favorite character.


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