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Once again, NBC will be suffering from soapus interuptus. From July 23 to Aug. 8, the Olympics will be preempting "Days of Our Lives." So, instead of Xander, Nicole, Eric and the gang, we will be seeing water polo, swimming and gymnastics. The show's head honcho, Ken Corday, promises hot storylines leading up to the break. When it returns, he promises it will be even hotter. Corday is just coming off a two-year pickup by NBC. On-screen, Kirsten Storms (Maxie, "General Hospital") gave the performance of her life. Her character confronted the hideous Peter about his horrific crimes. Off-screen, she was battling a health crisis. The petite Storms discovered she had a brain tumor. For all those years, she had blamed her health issues on reactions to medications. At her last checkup, her doctor suggested she have an MRI. She was stunned by the results. She had a large cyst at the base of her brain. Upon removal, it proved to be benign. After two days in the hospital and shaving part of her hair, she was on the road again to good health. She gave shoutouts to the "General Hospital" cast and crew. "They were all so supportive." She singled out Emme Rylan (LuLu). On the soap, the two characters are best pals. It is the same in real life. Rylan took her to the hospital and took her home after she spent a few days in the hospital. Storms joked that she did not want to hear any flack because of her hair. As everyone knows soaps fans can be brutal. Storms asked that viewers not rag on her hair. "It will grow back." Until then, she wants everyone to give her hair a pass. She is home recovering. Will be back on-air as soon as she can. Maxie is in the middle of a major story, so there may be a temporary replacement. Last time, Kate Mansi (Ex-Abby) stepped in. Storms was adamant about one thing: She does not have cancer. Often the target of incorrect social snipes, she wants everyone to know she is feeling good and, "I do not have cancer."


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