Record Store Day: What to look for on Saturday

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They have “a decent amount of each,” he adds, “not terribly much, but that's the nature of RSD. You order 15, you get six.”

Cynics guitarist Gregg Kostelich, who went from working at Eide’s back in the day to now owning his own store (and label) Get Hip, jokes about the RSD quantities, “I try to order 25. I get two. I make the first two people happy and get yelled at the rest of the day.”

Despite the lack of foot traffic, Kostelich says the last year has been good for Get Hip.

“When COVID hit, I thought I was goner, that it’s gonna kill us as a touring outfit and kill the label, but the mail order blew wide open. Vinyl sales doubled.”

In part, he says, “Parents dusted off their turntables and played records for the kids, and the kids loved it. It takes some patience, but people realize it’s the best way to enjoy music.”

If you venture out on Saturday, here are just some of the RSD releases you could go home with:


Anti-Flag, “20/20 Division”: The punk band will release the LP version of “20/20 Division,” which was released digitally last year as the “20/20 Vision” album with five new songs. 1,500 copies are being pressed on translucent red vinyl.

Beat Farmers, “Glad 'N' Greasy”: Six-song EP recorded in the U.K. and Europe after the 1985 debut of the alt-country band’s “Tales Of The New West” is on vinyl for the first time.

Beck, “Hyperspace”: The 2019 album is packaged in a holographic jacket with a 24-page booklet with AI images and NASA data for each track.

Black Sabbath, “Mob Rules” and “Heaven and Hell”: Limited Edition Picture Disc (the cover art) of these two albums from the Ronnie James Dio era.


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