Television Q&A: Will quiz shows from last summer be back?

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You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: I am happy to see some of the quiz shows from last summer are back. Any info on “Match Game,” “The Hustler,” “Weakest Link” and “The Gong Show”? All are good and funny.

A: As I mentioned not long ago, “The Hustler” resumes on ABC on June 17. The latest incarnation of “The Gong Show” was canceled in 2018 after two seasons. “Weakest Link” was listed among the returning shows in NBC’s announcement of 2021-22 plans, but I have not yet seen any air date. “Match Game” was not included in ABC’s most recent announcements for summer or next season; while there have not been reports of its cancellation, Deadline noted that its ratings were low – but it could yet return in 2022.

Q: I think Dane DeHaan is becoming one of our truly great actors. I awaited his movie “Life” in 2015, but it never came to my city (Dubuque, Iowa). Since then, I’m aware of only one of his films being shown here, a sci-fi movie that was an insult to his ability. What has happened to him? Can we hope to see him again soon?

A: Since “Life,” where DeHaan played James Dean, the actor’s credits include the movies “The Kid,” where he played Billy the Kid opposite Ethan Hawke’s Pat Garrett, “A Cure for Wellness” and “Tulip Fever.” He has also starred in “ZeroZeroZero,” a crime drama for Amazon Prime Video. He co-starred in “The Stranger,” a limited series for the now-defunct streaming service Quibi. Roku has acquired Quibi’s shows and begun adding them to its Roku Channel, but “The Stranger” is not yet among the additions. By the way, you can find “Life” on home video.

Q: On “S.W.A.T.,” the character Jim Street had a foster brother who was murdered in one of the episodes. The actor resembles the singer Johnny Mathis, and his voice sounds like Mathis. Any relation?


A: No. The character you remember, Nate Warren, was played by the actor Cory Hardrict, who as far as I can find is not related to Mathis. He does have another family tie to the famous, though, as the husband of actress Tia Mowry. And he will be back in series TV as a college baseball coach in the drama “All American: Homecoming,” due on the CW at midseason 2022.

Q: Can you tell me about one of my favorite ‘70s TV shows, “The Name of the Game”? How long did it run? What network was it on?

A: “The Name of the Game” was a big deal for NBC in 1968-71, with what was reportedly the biggest budget for any show up to that time and Friday-night episodes that ran 90 minutes each week. It had three leads: Gene Barry as publishing magnate, Tony Franciosa as a top reporter for the company and Robert Stack as the editor of a crime magazine. Each episode focused on one of the three. Shortly after the series ended, NBC did similar packaging with its mystery-movie bundle of “Columbo,” “McCloud” and “McMillan and Wife” (where the “wife” was played by Susan Saint James, who had also been on “Name of the Game”). The “Name” series had a lot of off-camera drama; Franciosa, talented but volatile in those days, was fired during the third season, and the show did not last long after that. You can find a detailed piece about the series here: bit.ly/3v9JmjS.

Q: Has “Nurses” been canceled?

A: No, but that does not necessarily mean you will see it again soon. While the drama is made for Canadian television, NBC carried the first season when trying to come up with programming during the pandemic. “Nurses” earned a second season in Canada but was not listed in NBC’s plans for its 2021-22 season.

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