Family guide to new movie releases: 'Voyagers'

Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service on

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Rated PG-13 for violence, some strong sexuality, bloody images, a sexual assault and brief strong language.

What it’s about: Teens in space! What will they do when there's no parents?

The kid attractor factor: Young people will be drawn to the high-concept sci-fi genre and stars like Tye Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Society needs rules to live by so we can coexist together.

Violence: Some brutal beatings, shooting (with laser guns), grappling, fights and a sexual assault (nonconsensual groping).


Language: Brief

Sex: The notion of sex is in the air as the teens start to experiment. There is one sex scene seen from afar, but there's all the extentuating factors of sex as well: intimacy, jealousy, lust.

Drugs: References to a sedative used to drug the teens into emotional submission.

Parents’ advisory: This is a film for older kids and teens, with some violence and themes that are too mature for younger kids. It may be an opportunity to discuss rules, social order and consent with your kids as well.

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