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"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": At the cabin, Liam tells Hope he needs to confess. Hope is upset when Liam reveals he slept with Steffy because he thought she kissed Thomas. She does not understand why he did not ask her. He admits he was wrong not to. Although she is hurt, Hope says she will give him another chance. Hope is crushed when Liam tells her Steffy is pregnant. Either he or Finn is the father. Hope cannot believe they did not use protection. Brooke goes into "mama bear" mode when Hope tells her about Liam and Steffy. Finn tells Steffy he is uncertain that he can continue the relationship. Impressed that Steffy came to him with the news, Finn says they should try to repair their relationship. Finn is into the idea of having a child. Steffy prepares for a paternity test. Learning Paris and Zende are involved, Zoe tells her sister to leave town. Refusing to be bullied, Paris says she is staying in town and will work for Forrester. Zende is flustered when Zoe suggests they belong together. Zende says that will never happen as he would never betray Carter. Hope accuses Steffy of again wreaking havoc with her marriage to Liam. Steffy decides to get answers.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Stuck together on the airplane, Kyle and Billy snipe at one another. Lily tells them to knock it off. She tells Billy she wants to work on their relationship. He agrees and promises he will try not to be a loose canyon and suggests she needs to be less pragmatic. Nick flips when he learns Victor arranged for Chelsea's therapist and suggests that Adam is using the stroke to get in Victor's good graces. Faith continues to meet with Jordan. Sharon is upset when she learns Faith played hooky. Kyle and Summer work to find out what Sally is hiding. Phyllis is unhappy when Kevin says he cannot break into Victoria's account. Nick and Phyllis decide they were meant to be together. Nick accuses Victoria of being just like their father. Chloe visits Chelsea. She apologizes for being so forceful about getting her to dump Adam. A mute Chelsea blinks to let her best friend she understands she was just trying to protect her. After Kevin convinces Phyllis to not blackmail Victoria, she is stunned when Nick says it would have been fun to watch but is proud she took the high road. Chelsea's stroke rehab stalls. Adam seeks and gets support from Sharon. Maria is thrilled when Tessa pops into Genoa City. Abby is upset about not being pregnant; she fears the scar tissue from her miscarriage may be the problem. Chance comforts Abby.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Phillip tells Brady he embezzled from Titan to pay off the mob. He does not want Victor to know, as he fears Victor will be disappointed in him. Claire refuses to believe Charlie raped Allie and says she is continuing her relationship. When Shawn tells Belle he does not trust Charlie, she thinks he is being an overprotective father. Eli and Lani are frantic to find the twins. Bonnie tells Justin she thinks she may have seen the twins in the park. Trying to comfort Eli and Lani, Julie makes things worse. Lani is thankful when Eli gets Julie to leave. Ava tells Nicole that Tripp is the best of her and Charlie the worst. Brady and Chloe grow close, while Kristen counts the days until she is sprung from prison for stabbing Victor. Chad admits to Abby he slept with Gwen on New Year's Eve. Despite Steve's wishes that he let the police handle things, Tripp breaks into Charlie's apartment to get DNA. Charlie arrives as Tripp is leaving with Charlie's toothbrush. Realizing Charlie is a rapist, Claire breaks down in Belle's arms.



"GENERAL HOSPITAL": As Sonny's family deals with his death, a very much alive Sonny lies in a snow mound in New Jersey. The late Mike appears to Sonny and tells Sonny he can die or not; it is his choice. Getting up, Sonny has no idea who or where he is. Carly is furious when Ava says she is going to fight to have Avery full time. Cyrus lets Laura know he will keep control of the hospital. Obrecht continues to expose Peter's unsavory life. With Julian dead, Ned thinks he should adopt Leo. Jason and Sam admit they love each other but they cannot be together in order to protect their children. Phyllis' husband, Lenny, is not thrilled that she has hired Mike aka Lenny. Jason and Brick find a cache of bodies in the warehouse. Chase wonders why his father is in Port Charles. Willow questions her life.



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