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"General Hospital's" Ingo Rademacher, Jax, recently told fans he felt Twitter and Facebook were too tame. He planned to continue on the sites but was adding Parler. That Parler. He may want Parler, but Parler is on hiatus. Carriers such as Amazon cut the Parler cord. Type in "Parler," and you get a note that it is no longer available. The site is searching for someone to carry it. An actor on a different soap is spewing so much hate that his castmates want him gone. There seems to be a husband waiting in the wings to take over.

TK Weaver, the adorable tyke who played Danny on "General Hospital," is recovering from a horrendous bike accident. According to his parents, he was riding a park like kids do. Suddenly, the bike flipped. TK's parents are thankful that he did not sustain any head injuries. As for TK, he is ready to work. He is a face on many commercials. He asked his parents to post photos like regular, but not any after the accident. Yep spoken like a true actor. The late Jackie Courtney who was Alice on "Another World" and Pat on "One Life to Live" was not allowed to ride a bike so she could not hurt her face. Spoken like a true stage mother.

Sad news. John Reilly died this week at 84. His work in daytime -- "Passions," "General Hospital," "As the World Turns" -- garnered tons of fans. More important to the father of five and grandfather of two was being adored by his co-workers. From Kin Shriner (Scott, "GH") to McKenzie Westmore on "Passions," he was lauded by many. He always had a twinkle in his eye. When anyone joined the cast, he would introduce himself and show them the ropes. He told them if they had any questions to just knock on his dressing room door. They did and he would answer. Hollywood is often the land of "we must do lunch," which turns into the 12 of never. Shriner, recalling his castmate, tries to pass it along.

"Days of Our Lives" star Bryan Dattilo is not certain why but is thrilled that he was given a contract. He has played the troubled teen to attentive dad for over three decades. He admits he thought he would have received that contract during his daughter Allie's rape story. He has learned to just say thank you and show up on time.


Before a viewer of a daytime drama will invest in a romance, they have to care about the couple. Finn and Steffy have been together less time than it takes to cross the street. "The Bold and the Beautiful" actors are doing great work, with a not-so-great storyline. Rumor has it that Bill will finally reappear. For some reason, the delicious Don Diamont has been MIA since May. No matter. He will be back with a vengeance.


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