Timeline: Night Stalker Richard Ramirez's L.A. reign of terror and its aftermath

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Sept. 21, 1989: Ramirez guilty on all Night Stalker murder charges

After 22 days of deliberations, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury of seven women and five men convicts Ramirez on all counts. "As he was taken from the courthouse," The Times reported, "Ramirez flashed a two-finger 'devil sign' to photographers. Asked what he thought about the verdicts, he issued a one-word comment: 'Evil.'"

Nov. 8, 1989: Ramirez must die, Stalker judge decides

"I am beyond good and evil," Ramirez says at the sentencing. "I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells in us all. That's it."

June 7, 2013: Richard Ramirez, Night Stalker serial killer, dies at 53

Sentenced to death following his conviction in 1989, Ramirez, who was housed at San Quentin and died in Marin General Hospital, was at the time one of 735 offenders facing execution and among the 59 of that number who had died from natural causes since capital punishment in California was reinstated in 1978.

June 7, 2013: Night Stalker prosecutor says Ramirez death ends 'tragic period'

"I would like to think that with the advances in technology that if a serial killer is operating they would be identified and apprehended quickly," Halpin's co-prosecutor, Deputy Dist. Atty. Alan Yochelson, tells The Times.

June 7, 2013: Night Stalker held Southern California captive in 1985


"For once, the tabloid nickname didn't overstate it," Times columnist Patt Morrison wrote of the case's "grotesque touches" after Ramirez's death: slit throats, gouged-out eyes, a pentagram written in lipstick, shouts of "Hail, Satan!"

June 8, 2013: Night Stalker Richard Ramirez's death: Many ask what took so long

Reyna Pinon, the wife of Faustino Pinon, one of the citizens who helped capture Ramirez in 1985, tells The Times that there are feelings of bitterness about the way the killer died: "To me, he had a better death than all those people whose lives he took."

June 9, 2013: How the Night Stalker got his name

Richard Ramirez was named the Night Stalker — the name of a fictional 1972 TV movie and short-lived series about a number of Las Vegas murders committed by a vampire — during an editorial "rump session" at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

August 30, 2017: The Night Stalker taught Orange County you can't master plan away the darker elements of human nature

"What was our town worth — a homogeneously boring cluster of tract homes and shopping malls — if it wasn't pristine, safe?" writes novelist Alan Drew, who grew up in Irvine, in a Times Op-Ed. "The power of master planning was the illusion that the only things we had to fear existed outside of the town's borders."

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