Timeline: Night Stalker Richard Ramirez's L.A. reign of terror and its aftermath

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Sept. 1, 1985: Citizens capture stalker fugitive

"Thank God you came," Ramirez told an officer who took him into custody after he was chased, beaten with a steel rod and cornered by four angry citizens in East L.A.

May 7, 1986: Ramirez ordered to stand trial in 14 stalker murders

After a 29-day preliminary hearing involving 143 prosecution witnesses, Los Angeles Municipal Judge James F. Nelson orders Ramirez to face 14 counts of murder and 36 other felony charges related to his crime spree.

Aug. 26, 1986: Shattered Dreams: Night Stalker victim fights to regain his memory, rebuild life a year after attack

"Why me? I still ask it. Why did he pick our house?" says electrical engineer Bill Carns, attacked one year earlier while at home with his partner, Inez Erickson, in Mission Viejo. "I thought, 'Why do it to me?' What did I do to him?' ... For the longest time, I thought it was revenge. Like I pissed him off one day or pulled in front of him. Anything that would explain it. Now I realize the man is mentally deranged."


Jan. 30, 1989: After 3 years in jail, Ramirez will go on trial in Night Stalker murders

At the start of his trial, The Times reveals details about Ramirez's time behind bars awaiting trial, from his voracious reading habits to his chilling words: "I love to kill people. I love watching people die," he reportedly told Sheriff's Deputy Jim Ellis following his 1985 arrest. "I love all that blood."

Jan. 31, 1989: Jurors begin to hear grim tale of alleged Night Stalker crimes

Amid heavy security, Ramirez's trial begins — and the opening statement of Los Angeles Deputy Dist. Atty. Phil Halpin provokes gasps in the courtroom at the gruesome details it recounts about the case.


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