Timeline: Night Stalker Richard Ramirez's L.A. reign of terror and its aftermath

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Aug. 14, 1985: Police calls surge with crime spree

San Fernando Valley residents frightened by the brutal attacks of the so-called Valley Intruder phone police with false sightings of prowlers and with questions about forming neighborhood watch groups and securing their homes.

Aug. 25, 1985: The Valley Intruder: The victims' stories

"The Valley Intruder or Night Stalker, as detectives have dubbed him, preys mainly on the most vulnerable — children, women living alone, elderly couples," The Times reports. "Most often... he has crept through unlocked windows and doors before dawn, attacking while his victims slept."

Aug. 26, 1985: Valley Intruder assaults two in Orange County

The assailant known as the Valley Intruder because most of the crimes attributed to him occurred in the San Gabriel and San Fernando valleys commits his first assault in Orange County little more than a week after an attack in San Francisco's Lakeside District. "This proves he is back in the Southland," says Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Sam Jones.


Aug. 28, 1985: Random auto checks held after Night Stalker attack

After responding to "hundreds and hundreds of phone calls" from frightened residents, Orange County Sheriff Brad Gates says deputies are randomly stopping suspicious-looking motorists and bolstering neighborhood patrols to reduce the chance of a second attack in the county by a killer dubbed the Night Stalker.

Aug. 31, 1985: Police identify stalker suspect

An all-points-bulletin is issued for Richard Ramirez, 25, of Los Angeles, suspected of being the Night Stalker whose rampage of kidnapping, rape and murder spread fear from Orange County to San Francisco.


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