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There is a fan scam going around. I was almost a victim, and I do not want you to fall under the crooked spell. I got an email with the face of an actor. It had the introduction, "Hello, fan!" It was from an actor I had never dealt with. I ignored it. After a third direct message, I thought: "This is nice. He really is reaching out to me." I suggested doing an interview, and he agreed. Sort of.

He told me he was very busy so I needed to contact his assistant. For three solid hours, I got a busy signal. I went back to the "actor." He suggested several ways to connect with the other guy. For two hours, I tried everything he suggested. I was getting nowhere and he kept yammering about how busy he was. I suggested a phone interview. No, he wanted it to be in person. He then said he could send me an airplane ticket. "Wow!" I thought, "A free trip to LA!" Before I could express my gratitude, he said I would have to pay for the ticket. It would be a mere $1,000. Now, I know that I can do round-trip LA for $300. Apparently, this $1,000 would allow me to be on the set for a day. However, I was not interested in a whole day. I planned to set up other interviews. Then, the "actor" suggested I go online and purchase a Visa card, take a picture of the card and send it to him. The warning bells were screaming, and I ended the conversation. I knew it was a scam.

These scams have stolen millions of dollars from fan over the years. One woman thought she was in touch with Jim Carey. He needed her money. Nope, he has plenty of money. The impostor then said Carey wanted a contribution to a charity. The only charity was "scamming a sucker." She sent him over $10,000. Another woman was certain Bruce Springsteen, who is worth over $40 million, was desperate for cash. She sent it. So sad.

I was targeted because of my column most likely. Please be careful. Do not give anyone online your credit or debit card info. It is tempting. Who wants to say no to "The Boss" or one of their idols? A brush with stardom is hard to walk away from. This is a brush with a scam.


Lots of characters are checking out of "General Hospital." Several sources report that Julian (William deVry) and Emme Rylan (Lulu) have been discharged. DeVry is a great actor who lets you love and hate the former crime boss trying to be a better man. As for Rylan, she took over the role of Lulu -- Luke and Laura's daughter -- almost five years ago. Folks say many actors wonder if they are about to be nudged out the door. We will keep you posted.


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