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"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Out of rehab, Steffy is thrilled when Finn walks in with Kelly. Liam is furious and tells Finn that, as Kelly's father, he should have been the one to bring Kelly to Steffy. Venting about it to Hope, she is concerned by his over-the-top ranting. Learning of Quinn's treachery, Wyatt is aghast when Flo wants her to move in with them. Bill tells Liam he feels guilty for causing the accident. Brooke and Ridge revel in their reconciliation. Zoe and Zende continue to flirt. Zoe is stunned when Carter says he bought Ridge's loft and wants her to move in with him. Thomas tells Hope that he wants to help with her Hope for the future design line. When Hope and Steffy tell Liam he has got to stop trying to control Steffy's relationship with Finn by saying he does not want Finn near Kelly, Liam says he will try to control his behavior.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Kyle is devastated that Summer left him at the engagement alter, seeks solace from Lola. Lola says he can come to the restaurant but that she cannot be his Plan B. Summer hires someone to spy on Kyle and Lola. Faith gets an upsetting phone call from Jordan. Adam tells Victor his life was fine until he learned Victor was his father. He had an Ivy League college degree and a successful career in finance. When he came to Genoa, Nikki, Victoria and Nick treated him with contempt. Lily tells Billy is hatred for Adam is turning him into a bitter old man who will end up alone. Sharon is thrilled when Rey asks her to marry him. Rey is upset when he finds Sharon in tears. She explains they are tears of joy as her cancer markers are good and she appears to have beaten breast cancer. At the hospice, Jack, Traci and Ashley gather around Dina, who dies wearing the mysterious necklace.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Hope is crushed when ballistic tests prove that Ciara is dead. Ben loads a gun and heads out to murder Vinnie. Taken to the station, a belligerent Tripp swears he is innocent. Steve is upset that Tripp left out a detail -- Allie took off her clothes. He also says he made a mistake confronting Allie. Steve assures Tripp he knows he did not rape Allie. Tripp wishes Kayla felt the same way. Steve assures him she will. Lucas tells Allie he believes her about the rape and is sad that baby Henry was a product of that, but he loves her and his grandson. Gwen plans a party for Jack and Jennifer. Talking to Stefano's portrait, she tells him it will be an event no one will forget. Philip is using Titan to launder money. Xander is unhappy when he keeps seeing Sarah with Philip. Philip tells Belle he will get rid of Xander by killing him. Belle tells Philip that Shawn has forgiven their affair. Jake and Chad's brotherly love turns unlovely when Chad says he can work at DiMeara after he does a low-level training program. When Jake balks, Chad says he is a grease monkey whose only other job was with the mob. Brady is unhappy when Kristen insists on turning herself in for stabbing Victor. With everyone thinking he is a rapist, Tripp is the town piranha. Angry when Kayla suggests a DNA test, Tripp refuses. Without telling Tripp Steve takes his toothbrush and Kayla asks Allie to let her get DNA from baby Henry. Marlena is concerned about John's continued anger issues. Charlie and Chloe are smitten. Philip comes on to Sarah to drive a wedge between her and Xander. Victor will fire Xander.



"GENERAL HOSPITAL": When Cyrus gets Jordan to drop charges against Brando, Brando wonders what he will do to pay him back. When Sonny tells Carly he fears he will get Alzheimer's like Mike, she promises to let him know if she thinks he is losing mental ground. Valentin is concerned about Sasha, who it still doing drugs. Caught having Amy singing for her, Brook Lynn is fired by Lucy. Chase tells Brook Lynn he needs his couch and it is time she went home. Portia wishes Trina could get rid of her bitterness toward Curtis. Alexis recalls having sex with Ned. Olivia is thrilled when Dante arrives and says he came back because of her. Jackie takes a job with Peter. Maxie tells Spinelli that if he disapproves of her marrying Peter, she does not want Spinelli as a friend. Thinking Spinelli is OK with him, Peter says they can let bygones be bygones. Spinelli agrees, but is keeping an eye on Peter. Anna thinks Peter could be Alex's son. Monica's plan to reunite Brook Lynn and Ned backfires. Later, Brook Lynn overhears Ned tell Monica he slept with Alexis. Alexis continues to drink. Scott is horrified when Liz and Franco tear up the blackmail checks Scott got from Ava. Jason tells Carly not to reveal that she hesitated a moment before pulling Nelle back from the cliff before she fell to her death. Nikolas tells Alexis he does not want to divorce Ava.



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