Television Q&A: Is ABC bringing back 'Grand Hotel,' 'A Million Little Things'?

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You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: I am guessing "Grand Hotel" isn't coming back even though they left us hanging! I miss that show! Also, is "A Million Little Things" coming back?

A: One of the drawbacks to the serialization of so many TV shows is that cancellation may leave cliffhangers unresolved. That's the case with "Grand Hotel," which ABC ended in 2019. As for "A Million Little Things," it is indeed returning. Look for new episodes beginning Nov. 19.

Q: I loved the TV show "Wayward Pines" that ended abruptly about three years ago with no indication of its return. Do you know anything about this show?

A: I know that it aired for two 10-episode seasons on Fox in 2015-16, that it was a weird blend of mystery and fantasy derived from a series of novels by Blake Crouch and it had thriller writer-director M. Night Shyamalan among the people behind it. The cast was also impressive, including Terence Howard, Hope Davis, Melissa Leo and more. But the response was mixed and a third season has not happened. Still, you can revisit the two seasons on Hulu.

Q: Do you know if all episodes of "24" with Kiefer Sutherland are available on any of the streaming services?

A: Hulu has the nine seasons with Sutherland, the eight from its initial run in 2001-2010 and the ninth-season revival in 2014 also known as "24: Live Another Day." In addition, Hulu has the 2017 spinoff "24: Legacy" starring Corey Hawkins.

Q: Is WWE wrestler John Morrison related to the late rocker Jim Morrison?

A: It might seem that way since one DVD about the wrestler is called "John Morrison: Rock Star." But as far as I can find he is not related to the Doors' lead singer. For one thing, John Morrison's given name is John Hennigan; he has used that name in some of his show-business efforts.


Q: I have fond memories of the series "Northern Exposure." I have never seen reruns of it and am wondering why and if it ever will be shown again?

A: The show is loved and, as I mentioned a couple of months ago, star Rob Morrow has been trying for years to relaunch the series. But apparently it is unseen over the air or streaming because of music rights problems. As you may recall, the show used a lot of pop music; it doesn't get that for free, and sometimes studios are not willing to keep paying for the tunes. Other (often inferior) music gets substituted, and -- as several reports over the years have indicated -- the show's creators do not want it seen that way. As for home video, the first set of DVDs of the series from Universal Home Entertainment had the dreaded music substitutions. I then contacted Shout! Factory, which now distributes a DVD set of "Northern Exposure" and has done nice music-restoring work on shows including "WKRP in Cincinnati." But I was told ""We did not restore any original music that was not already included in the prior Universal DVD release."

Q: There was a comedy/variety/skit show which aired on ABC from 1977-1978 called the "Redd Foxx Comedy Hour" with Redd and various guest stars. This was before the "Sanford and Son" days and it was absolutely great and hilarious. I would like to find the show on a DVD set, but I am having no luck. Would you have any information on where it may be available?

A: First, a timeline. Redd Foxx had been starring in "Sanford and Son" since 1972 on NBC when he left the comedy to host variety show on ABC. It did not catch on, only airing from September 1977 to January 1978; it was not a success, to which one producer said, "Thank goodness." I do not know of an authorized DVD of the show but did see one episode on YouTube.

By the way, when Foxx left "Sanford and Son," co-star Demond Wilson did likewise (reportedly in a contract dispute). NBC retooled the show as "Sanford Arms" in the fall of 1977 but it failed within a month. Foxx returned to his old character in the comedy "Sanford" for NBC in 1980, but it was not a success either, ending in 1981.


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