How Tyler Perry's 'camp quarantine' fended off the pandemic during filming of 'Sistas'

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While nasal swabs are the most reliable method of testing, they can be uncomfortable, so the crew shifted to tonsil swabs instead. If they had insisted on nasal swab testing every four days, "A lot of people would have tapped out," he said.

Some cast and crew with whom Perry has worked had preexisting conditions such as cancer and did not want to work, Perry said.

"I said to them, 'Listen, if you have preexisting conditions, it's OK to sit this out,'" he said. "I was the most concerned about them. But I'm so glad that my crew did above and beyond to make sure everybody was safe."

Perry is now pressing ahead with his next shoot. He finished shooting "Sistas" last Saturday and the production will take a week off to clean, resterilize the housing to get ready for the next group.

On Thursday the process was to start again for his production of another season of BET's "The Oval." In the dramatic TV series about a family in the White House. Perry said shooting will start again on Monday following the same protocols.


"I'm hoping that there's a vaccine soon so we can all make it through this," he said.

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