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"Days of Our Lives" has been shedding more characters than my cat sheds hair. Will, Sonny and Rafe have seen their sands running out of the hourglass. Will's and Sonny's last airing will be in early September. Ditto Rafe. Perhaps the show's most stunning announcement came this week. After almost 40 years, Kristian Alfonso is gone. The actress took to social media to let viewers know she is gone from "Days." She says she is excited to start a new chapter in her life. No word if the idea was hers or the show's. I have never seen so many cast mates post how much they will miss someone who is exiting. The show is set to begin production September first. Alfonso says she will not be back in September as she taped her final scene months ago. Ever the trouper, she did not reveal her exit until now. Rumor has it that they could not come to salary terms. I interviewed Alfonso when she first joined "Days of Our Lives." She was zoftig i.e. full figured and beautiful. At the time her male co-star was relentless about her few -- and we mean few -- extra pounds, Alfonso, a Junior Olympic ice skater, was up to the challenge. She lost the weight and has kept it off for 30-plus years -- even after giving birth to two children. The Junior Olympian skater saw her career end at 13 when she had a sledding accident. Did she moan and groan? Like the champion ice skater she was, she picked up herself and began her acting and modeling career. Even behind the scene workers have been let go of the "Days" set. Greg Meng, a co-executive producer who was with the show for 30 years, was axed. There are rumors that Victoria Konefal, Ciara, is leaving. If that's true, then the character will be recast. On the plus side, Judi Evans returns as Adrienne's doppelganger, Bonnie. A Martinez is coming back as Eduardo. Hopefully, his John Boltonesque facial hair will be gone. In the past month, the show's hair and wardrobe have been wonderful. No one looked as they combed their hair. Lots of woman were dress dowdy, especially Kayla. What needs to go are the green pea Ban-Lon sweaters. Gwen, Justin and some others wear them. Hideous. We love Xander -- and Paul Telfer, who plays him. Linsey Godfrey is great as Sarah, although the character can be nasty. Please do more with Jack. When he returned, he had a compelling storyline. Lately, he has been playing sideman to Steve, Xander and Jennifer. He deserves more than that.



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