Trevor Noah on George Floyd protests: 'Police in America are looting black bodies'

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As protesters across the country demand justice for George Floyd and other victims of racism and police brutality, Hollywood is continuing to amplify the cause on social media and onscreen.

During Friday night's at-home episode of "The Daily Show," Trevor Noah delivered a passionate speech on Floyd's killing, the activism his death has spurred and the mixed reactions to that activism -- particularly calling out those denouncing looting.

"Think about that unease that you felt watching that Target being looted," Noah said. "Try to imagine how it must feel for black Americans when they watch themselves being looted every single day. Because that's fundamentally what's happening in America: Police in America are looting black bodies."

After sharing a photo of Floyd on the homepage of her website, Beyonce posted a powerful video message on Instagram Saturday and encouraged fans to sign a petition seeking justice for Floyd and his family.

"We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight. We're broken, and we're disgusted. We cannot normalize this pain. I'm not only speaking to people of color. If you're white, black, brown and anything in between, I'm sure you feel hopeless by the racism going on in America right now," Beyonce said.


"No more senseless killings of human beings. No more seeing people of color as less than human. We can no longer look away. George is all of our family in humanity. He's our family because he's a fellow American," she added.

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